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Thirty Years Experience.

Juris Doctor, Syracuse University School of Law, 1990
Admitted to practice law before the Courts of the State of New York, 1991
Admitted to practice law before the United States District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts of the Southern, Eastern, Northern and Western Districts of New York.

Since beginning to practice law in 1991 I have handled a wide variety of matters relating to Housing Law, evictions, bankruptcies and other matters. What is listed below is just a few examples of some of the work that I have done on behalf of Tenants. None of this should be misconstrued as any kind of assurance that your case will turn out similarly. Every lawyer who isn't afraid to fight for their clients looses some of their cases. I hate to lose, but it can happen. Any experienced lawyer who tells you they've never lost a case is either lying or is too afraid to take anything to court. I have:

  • Won Abatements of Rent, up to 90%.
  • Won Holdover cases.
  • Won Non-Payment cases.
  • Won Rent Abatements.
  • Won dismissals of cases because the Petitioner failed to list the claim in HIS bankruptcy.
  • Won Dismissals of many Eviction cases.
  • Won Non-Primary Residence cases.
  • Won Succession Rights.
  • Won Illegal Sublet cases (I prefer the term Unauthorized Sublet cases).
  • Won Illegal Lock-Out cases.
  • Won Commercial L&T cases.
  • Won Repairs.
  • Won with DHCR.
  • Won Rent Reduction Orders.
  • Won reinstatements of NYCHA tenancy after filing Article 78 Proceeding.
  • Successfully negotiated with NYCHA.
  • Successfully negotiated with Landlords.
  • Successfully negotiated Buy-Outs.  (That's where they pay you to leave)
  • Successfully negotiated Time to Leave (with and without paying rent).
  • Successfully negotiated waiver of all rent due in exchange for leaving.
  • Successfully negotiated Rent Abatements with Landlords.
  • Represented groups of Tenants. 
  • Had numerous Order to Show Cause signed by a Judge to stay eviction,  at least temporarily.
  • Chapter 11 confirmed and successfully completed.
  • Chapter13 confirmed and successfully completed, even in the Eastern District of New York. (The Bankruptcy Trustees there, and one in particular, are tougher than elsewhere.)
  • Successfully Defended a Client against claims for $99,000 in third party legal fees by appealing the matter from the US Bankruptcy Court to the United States District Court.
    (Reported case, remotely eviction-related). 
  • State appeals.
  • Successfully litigated the issue of the amount owing.
  • Successfully defended clients against the Landlord's claims for legal fees.
  • Successfully negotiated the issue of the amount owing.
  • Raised the issue of Discrimination effectively, when appropriate.
  • Represented Tenants in court outside New York City.
  • Represented Tenants in everything from Million Dollar Co-op's to Public Housing, SRO's, Rent Controlled Apartments, Rent Stabilized Apartments, unregulated apartments, Section 8, TIL (Tenants in Leasing) buildings, Article 7A Administrator run buildings, buildings in foreclosure, illegal multiple dwellings, illegal penthouse units, illegal basement units, non-profit run buildings, HFDC's, Live - Work Spaces, Stores, Restaurants, Offices, Nail Salons and more.
  • Won many other cases that are not related to eviction.